The Cows Came Home for the Leica X2 Gagosian

julius motal the phoblographer leica x2 gagosian

Editor’s Note: This is currently the only image we have of the camera. We’ll update the post when we find better photos.

Leica has teamed up with the Gagosian Gallery on an artistic variant of the Leica X2. The camera is the same X2 you’ll find on store shelves, but the biggest difference is the exterior: black splotches on a white canvas. Here at The Phoblographer, we can’t help but think it looks a little bovine, which isn’t a bad thing, and we’re sure Leica will milk it for all it’s worth. Only 100 of these cameras will be made, and there’s no mention of a price. Size up your livestock, kids. You may have to sell Bessie to bring this one home.

All joking aside though, the X2 is actually a damned good camera that badly needs an autofocus upgrade. Otherwise, the image quality and feel is simply outstanding–especially in the hands of a good editor.