Images of the Nikon DF Appear on Nikon Rumors (Updated )


Update: It’s now on Amazon for the moment

With under 24 hours to go, images of the Nikon DF appeared online. There has been a lot of speculation on what this camera was going to look like. While looking a little like the Nikon FM2 it does have a lot of cues from many Nikon Film cameras. However it does seem to be its own thing. These images of the Nikon DF answer many questions, while leaving more in their wake. This camera does not appear to be competing with the D800 at all in terms of superficial specs. We have to wait and see on actual specs, it’s going to be a nail-biting day for Nikon Shooters.

Via Nikon Rumors


The dials are very retro. If you have ever Seen a Nikon FM or any Nikon Film Cameras from around that time, you will notice a lot of design similarities. Nikon seems not to have cloned one of their film cameras, instead they took what they had design wise as inspiration to make the Nikon DF. The exposure compensation dial is above the ISO dial on the left. The shutter speed control is on the right. Of note the dial seems to go just it 1/4000 of a second, like the Nikon D610. If that is the Nikon 50mm f1.8G made for it, it is more retro in its design and a perfect kit lens for this camera.


The LCD screen is much more basic than any other Nikons current DSLRs that have them. In terms of simplicity the LCD seems to be taken from the Nikon N series of film cameras from the 90’s. It seems to provide just enough information.


The camera does seem to come in two color black, and black and silver. That is actually a tough choice. In both layouts the camera is very attractive.



D610 and D800 backs

The back of the camera is the most modern part. It seems to be the love child of the backs of the Nikon D610 and D800. The Metering selection is on the back of the camera by Itself. In essence most Nikon shooters will find this part comfortable.

Its going to be a long wait till the official specs.

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