Mind Shift Gear’s Lens Switch Case Adds Extra Storage to Your Belt or Backpack

Mind Shift Gear Lens Switch Case

Mind Shift Gear has just released a clever new accessory for the photographer on the go. It’s called the Lens Switch Case, and it adds extra storage space to either your belt or your backpack. Basically, it’s a small add-on storage unit that will hold one or more lenses (depending on size) and/or other accessories. It can either be fitted to the modular belt rail of Mind Shift Gear’s rotation180° backpack, or to most standard belts (we assume that includes those that keep your trousers from dropping.) So if your backpack is already full with gear, but you absolutely need to take that other lens along, this is the solution.

The Lens Switch Case is made from durable nylon and opens/closes via YKK zippers. It comes with dividers on the inside and features extra pouches on the outside. Additionally, it sports a rain cover for bad weather. The Lens Switch Case is available now for US-$ 42.50. More info on the Mind Shift Gear website.