Liquids in Motion: The High Speed Work of Jim Kramer


All images by Jim Kramer. Used with permission

High speed photography is an incredibly specialized form of fine-art and one that takes a fair amount of practice to master. Jim Kramer has been dedicating his work to working with liquids since 2011 and has really been creating some incredible works of art. Head on past the break for some words from Jim and samples of his beautiful creations.


I use high speed photography as a means to capture a world that is rarely seen, and often overlooked. I am also fascinated with the concept of time as a dimension. The world of high speed photography allows me to capture events that happen in a ten thousandth of a second. Without the use of specialized high speed capture techniques and equipment, these unique moments in time would be otherwise impossible to capture.


My choice of subject comes from my desire to capture images that are unique, and different from the norm. Each image is a unique representation of nature, and physics. The images often times take on the shape of more common items in the world around us. Much like looking at cloud formations, often times different people will see different things in the same image. I enjoy listening to the commentary of people as they look into my work. It is always interesting to hear what they see. If you look long enough, sometimes you will see something that was not immediately apparent at first glance.


I am inspired by the moments we normally do not see, and desire to capture those moments, and share them with the world. I hope you enjoy my collection of time captured images. Each represents a once in a lifetime event, that can never be repeated.


I choose to display my photographs using a method of printing directly on aluminum sheet. The images are specially coated, and safe from the elements. I feel that this medium gives my work the necessary edge to elevate it into the category of ‘Fine Art’.


I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.


Jim’s setups can become pretty complex with multiple lights to work with, but it’s obvious the the final result creates unique and beautiful images that are worth all the effort and love he puts into them. A big thank you to Jim Kramer for sharing some of his work with us, and be sure to check out his site, Liquids in Motion, and his Facebook Page as well.


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