Creating the Photograph: Hannes Friesenegger’s “Sophie in Vienna”


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Hannes Friesenegger is a 23-year-old Austrian photographer who finds the darker tone. He’s done work for a number of clients: Austria’s Next Top Model, Polo Couture, and Felix Haspel among them. Hannes’s vision and attention to detail culminates in beautiful photographs, and we were struck by the inherent beauty in “Sophie in Vienna” which we are featuring.

Here’s how he created it.

The Concept

To be honest: There was no real concept for this shooting. The whole image was just an idea that got stuck in my head for a while and I finally managed to realize it. I did not only want to shoot a pretty girl in an old viennese street- the main idea was to create a specific atmosphere. “Naglergasse”, a small side street in viennas City Center, seemed to be the perfect location. The shady, dark street is a great contrast to Sophie’s white dress.

The Gear

Canon EOS 5D Mark II with the 50mm f1.4

One Speedlite 430 EX II

SMDV Firefly Pro Beauty

Softbox Diffuser 60cm

Walimex WT-806 256cm

2x Yongnuo Trigger E-TTL


Sandisk Compact Flash

Extreme 32GB 60MB Edition

Photoshop CS5

Macbook Pro 2.0 i7 10 GB

DDR3 Samsung 830 256 GB SSD

The Shoot

julius motal the phoblographer creating the photo hannes 02

We went to the Naglergasse to take the first shots. I usually shoot in Manual Mode when I do triggering but I started to like the ETTL-Mode with the Flashes. I used f11 to get a dark nice look.After 20 Shots of these we went to another location (see pictures) but this one was my favorite one so far.

There wasn’t really much to it, just a very simple one light special.

Post Production

Arriving at the Post Production phase I wanted to highlight the model and stylize the image a bit – pop up the contrast and direct the eye of the viewer to the figure. I made screenshots of the stages leading to the final image:

Step 1:

Gradient map: blending mode: luminance 39% opacity

black to white

– Saturated the skintones

– Curves: lightened everything except the sky and the buildings in the background

Step 2:

– Curves: darkened the shadows

– Gradient map: blending mode: linear dodge

18% opacity

dark blue to bright turquoise

Step 3:

– Gradient map: blending mode: linear dodge

5% opacity

medium blue to bright turquoise

– Gradient map:

blending mode: luminance

67% opacity

black to white

Step 4:

– Curves: darkened the picture, highlighted the contrast

– Hue/Contrast: final tweaks

Step 5:

-Contrast: more blacks

-Saturation: a lil bit of yellow

julius motal the phoblographer creating the photo hannes 03

Be sure to check out Hannes on 500px, Facebook page, blog, and his website.

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