Indian Camera Collector Breaks Own World Record, Owns Over 4k Cameras

Dilish Parekh Camera Collection via India Book of Records

One would think that as a working photojournalist, you’d own you fair share of cameras throughout your life. Maybe a couple dozen or so. But in the case of Mr Dilish Parekh, you’d be wrong to assume so. Very wrong. As a matter of fact, the Mumbai resident holds the world record for the largest collection of stills cameras. To this date, his collection comprises over 4,400 items, ranging from historic Canons over Leicas and Nikons to Voigtländers and what have you. It all began when his late father gave him a collection of about 600 cameras, to which Parekh subsequently added more. “Cameras are my life. I can’t stay without them,” he says. Go figure.

So, next time your significant other asks you whether you really need so many cameras, point them at this. Things can look so different from another perspective …

Via La Vida Leica via PetaPixel