Peering Into The Past of NYC Compared to Today

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New York City, a place of legend, has seen its share of changes over the decades; of course that is a given considering just how long the city has been around. But it’s not until you look at photos side by side from as far back as the late 1800s that the colossal changes NYC has undergone become so glaringly obvious. Paul Sahner set out to create the website NYC Grid to truly explore and capture the history and soul of this great city. Head on past the break to see what Paul has been up to.

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Paul Sahner has made it his personal mission to document New York City as it is right now. Since moving there 9 years ago, he has been prowling the streets block by block and street by street to capture the essence and heart of one of America’s most well-known and well-loved cities. Sahner’s site has evolved since its inception, and one of the latest features is a before-and-after series that is quite wonderful to look at. Over on NYC-Grid the images are actually interactive, allowing you to slide between the original view and today’s view, and doing so elicited a “woah!” reaction from me on a couple occasions.

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Being able to skim between the past and the present in the same image is something we have seen before on the internet, especially regarding the topic of showing the progression of a city’s development–but to have these images from Sahner be so carefully aligned with the originals, it just makes it so much more exciting to look at and contemplate the differences.

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In discussing the project via his site, Sahner had thought that “while it may be unrealistic, and even a little ego-centric, I like to think that taking these photos and documenting the city like this is providing a glimpse into this moment for future generations.” I know that I am  going to look forward to seeing more before-and-afters from NYC-Grid, so be  on the lookout for Paul Sahner’s updates.

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