Menswear Dog: The Fashion-Forward Pooch and His Image Centric Tumblr

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All images owned by Menswear Dog team. Used with permission. 

The concept behind it is so simple: take something awesome, put a dog in the photo, and boom–you’ve got magic. Theron Humphrey did it with Maddie on Things! But one of the most classic cool things on four legs in Menswear Dog. According to their description, “Menswear Dog is a 3 year old shiba inu living in NYC with a panache for all things style. His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches.” While the pup is probably off in the corner having a nap, his human slaves are the likes of Yena, David and Bodhi. And together the trio do all the work, networking, and ball throwing behind the scenes.

We chatted with the team recently about the power of Tumblr for images and the idea.

Phoblographer: Where did you get the inspiration for the series?

David: We kind of stumbled onto the idea when we were bored one Saturday afternoon. We thought it would be funny to dress up Bodhi (Menswear Dog’s real name) in serious menswear. It’s hard not to be inspired when you have one of the best looking Shibas around chillin’ in your home all day. We posted one of the photos to our personal facebook and the response from our friends and family was explosive, so we spent the next day bringing the Menswear Dog concept to blog life.

julius motal the phoblographer menswear dog image 2Phoblographer: You guys chose to set up the project on Tumblr. What made you choose the platform besides the obvious benefits of the heavy emphasis on the Photo community?

David: We’re both designers, and we were already Tumblr users so it was a no-brainer for us. It’s THE platform to be on right now.

Phoblographer: How do you get the dog to pose for photos?

David: We don’t have to do much- he was pretty much born with hound swag, so it all comes naturally and we’re just there to capture it.

Phoblographer: You’ve been able to partner up with some big companies like American Apparel. For creatives looking to work with bigger companies, what advice can you give them to get noticed?

David: Our advice is to be adventurous when creating an image. The bigger companies now depend highly on bloggers to come up with eye-catching and relatable ways to show their product, so a little a little creativity goes a long way. Give people images that they can only find at your website.

Phoblographer What can we expect with fashion week?

David: There’s a lot to expect- I will be a host during fashion week. The details are still in the works, but look out for some live strut action.
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