Weekend Humor: Stock Photographers Promote Cheese Sales

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Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

Earlier this week, we reported on an infographic about the gear used by today’s stock photographers. With cameras at all levels, stock photographers are hard work making images that are removed from picture frames and ignored on drug store windows. It’s not an easy gig, but with a little patience, red-eye removal, and a woman with milk-white teeth, you, too, can take images that everyone sees. Stock photography does more, however, than create visual filler. Cheese manufacturers have found an unlikely ally in stock photographers.

With alternative cheeses on the rise (I’m looking at you, goats), cheese manufacturers have often sought for some way to increase sales, if only by a little bit. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to make cheese cool again. At least, the corporate cheese-heads can’t find a way.

Stock photography’s been on the up-and-up lately, and corporate cheese-heads have taken note because there sales have risen, too. Market research has linked the uptick in cheese sales to heavy use of the phrase, “Say cheese!” Possible substitutes include “Say geese!” and “Say fleece!”, but geese shit everywhere and no one wears fleece.

Stock photographer Bree Keso told us that she has no idea why she says, “Say cheese!” during her photo shoots. She finds that even uses it with nonhuman subjects like potatoes and cucumbers. “I know they can’t smile,” Bree said over the phone, “But I can’t help it. The phrase is instinctual for me.” She also told us that her clients like subtle yellow tones that almost seem to whisper, “Krrraafffttt ssiiiinnggllleeessss.”

Bird enthusiasts feel waylaid and are anxiously waiting for the day when “Look at the birdie!” is in vogue again.

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