Instagram Users Love Video Function, Upload 5M Clips in First 24 Hours

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Wowzers! It seems Instagram’s just-introduced video function is quite the big hit! According to CNet, within the first 24 hours of the new feature going live, Instagram users have uploaded some five million clips. Five million clips in 24 hours! That’s almost 58 clips per second! In comparison, Twitter’s one video service, Vine, has seen 10 million uploads over a time of 100 days. But consider this: Instagram has currently 135 million monthly active users, and each day 45 million pictures are uploaded. So if you put it into perspective, five million video clips per day isn’t really that much. Also, we reckon that 99% of these are silly cat videos, so we have to take these out of the equation …

Have you used Instagram’s new video feature yet? If not, will you be using it? Let us know in your comments below!

Via BoyGeniusReport