PhotoExif is an iPhone App That Helps You Keep Track of Your Film Photography

PhotoExif for iPhone

If there’s one major advantage that digital photography has over its analog counterpart, it’s EXIF data–the storing of date and time, aperture value, shutter speed, focal length, ISO speed and other details in each RAW or JPEG file. With analog photography, that’s simply not possible. In the past, analog photographers used to carry a notebook to write down their camera settings for each picture. Nowadays however, you want to have this information in your scanned files. PhotoExif makes that possible.

The iPhone app lets you note all the relevant details including GPS data and notes for each picture you take. In a second step, once your film is developed and scanned, you can add your notes to the scanned files via the PhotoExifDesktop software. This way, you will no longer have to wonder what camera, lens, film and settings you used when going through your collection of scanned analog pictures. PhotoExif is available on iTunes for US-$ 1.99, and we’re going to review it soon.