Weekend Humor: Pentax Finally Enters the Full Frame Market

Pentax MX

Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t.

Official word of Pentax’s entering the full frame market is set to drop by the middle of next week. It is a move that has been long-rumored, but the fine folks at Pentax have largely said nothing, save for some confusing comments by a senior exec in an interview. Our sources told us that the announcement will please few and anger most, but that it is something that Pentax has been planning for quite some time.

Details about Pentax’s mystery product have been largely nonexistent. Anything discussed on forums and websites are the result of speculation and wishful thinking. We here at The Phoblographer have our own thoughts about what we’d like to see, but it would be a fool’s errand. We just want to see it already!

One source disclosed that the product is the result of years of market research and Pentax’s own history. “We’ve looked at what we’ve done and what our competitors have done, and we asked ourselves, ‘How can we do things differently?’ There’s so much drivel out there that we don’t want our product to fall flat before it has a chance to take off,” an executive told us over Skype.

Word has it that the announcement will come around Wednesday and that it will take place at the Javitz Center in New York City. Curious consumers will be able to watch it live on Pentax’s website, and the journalists in attendance will get some hands-on time with it. There will be other Pentax products on the showroom floor, but everyone knows what that star of the show will be.

Another source let slip some of the details about it, and we are excited to share them with you. Pentax’s full frame offering will come in mahogany, cedar, and chrome, and will hold one photo at a time.

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