Weekend Humor: Canon Releases DSLR Shell for Point & Shoot Cameras to Help Users Feel Less Insecure

Photo courtesy of AP and Microsoft Paint

Photo courtesy of AP and Microsoft Paint

Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

Size does matter, it seems, at least when it comes to a would-be photographer’s insecurity about the $200 point & shoot (s)he purchased on Amazon. Recently, there has been a clamor for Canon to do something to help lift the spirits of its point & shoot consumer base. A quick peek in the Amazon reviews of such cameras or the comments section of Photobucket will tell anyone that the owners of these cameras feel lacking when they put their work on the web for the world to see. Heeding the call of its flock, Canon ramped up production of the EOShell, a DSLR-sized case into which folks can pop their PowerShots.

It all began with a comment on a Photobucket upload. User “soccermamalama” put up an image of her kids playing in a soccer match. The photo was shot from 100 ft away, and her uniform-clad kids are indistinguishable from the rest of the rugrats running away from the ball. She supplied the caption “i luvvvv my babies and my nu powershot”, and dropped the photo in a folder titled “Portfolio”. The image had eight views when user “danceswithferrets” came across it. “PowerShot?” he wrote, “More like POWERNOT!”

Soccermamalama was understandably hurt. She hoped to enter the photos in her portfolio in a competition hosted by Soccer Moms Weekly, a publication about soccer moms for soccer moms by soccer moms. In an effort to find others who had been scorned by folks like danceswithferrets, soccermamalama searched Ask.com for answers, and came across the site wearephotogstoo.com.

Wearephotogstoo.com showed soccermamalama that she was not alone. Millions men and women alike flocked to WAPT for e-hugs to soothe the pain wrought by the trolls that lurked among them. Their online presence grew strong enough that it attracted the attention of Canon. They noticed an uptick in returns of various PowerShot models, and in effort to put a plug in that dwindling customer base, Canon’s engineers set to work on a solution.

Their efforts culminated in the EOShell, a full-sized DSLR case that folks put on their PowerShots. It has the look of a 5D Mark III with none of the functionality. On the front side, it has EOS 😀 in place of EOS 5D. The EOShell sold like hotcakes, and Canon thought it had solved the problem.

A day after it had upped production of the EOShell, Canon experienced a surge in returned units. The disgruntled owners were angry and confused that the buttons didn’t do anything. They had missed the words “FOR COSMETIC USE ONLY” in large, friendly letters on the box.

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