Switronix Announces Three New Video Support Products at NAB


Products are starting to fly left and right out of NAB and here are a few from Switronix. The first product, featured above, is the Recon Micro and it’s a brand new SDI wireless monitoring / receiving system. The Recon Micro will allow you to stream uncompressed footage securely over an encrypted network.  This stream can be transmitted to five receivers so your clients / director can be in the loop while out of your way. The Recon Micro will be available in May.

The next two items are the JP-MOD and J65 High Capacity Batteries. These products work together by providing indefinite power to whatever camera is connected. The JP-MOD features the ability to hold three J65 batteries and as soon as a battery dies it can be hot swapped with a new one. With three full batteries the system will run a Black Magic Cinema Camera for nine hours.

There’s a lot of new products focused around the camera that shocked NAB last year and I’m sure we’ll see more in the upcoming week.