Yet Another Price Hike on FujiFilm’s Dwindling Film Lineup


According to a recent press release it appears that FujiFilm will be raising prices on their current film lineup by 20%. The price hikes will be applied to current professional films including black and white, color negative, color reversal films and one time use cameras. The reason behind it is the same “continuing decline in demand for film products”, it also appears that material costs for film are also on the rise. Film is still but it’s becoming more expensive to enjoy, like a good drink it’s increasing in price as gets older.

People hated Twinkles, random I know but I’ve never felt compelled to grab a Twinkie at the register. Now that they are all gone I have this odd craving for one. Something that I never had a sentimental attachment too still has the ability to pull at my heart a little. Maybe you can’t relate to me being a fat kid but if your’e a photographer I guarantee you will miss film when it’s gone. If you’ve never shot with it one day you’ll never have the ability to say that you have.

Take it in and go out and shoot a roll before that moment has slipped away.