The Girl & The Dog & The Dead Photographer

"A Girl and A Dog" - Andrej Vasilenko

Have you seen this image? Much of the internet would like you to believe that it was taken by the legendary Henri Cartier-Bresson, as he has been the one credited for capturing it. However it has been recently discovered that this is not actually the case. Head on past the break to find out the truth.


If you do a Google image search for “Henri Cartier-Bresson girl on beach” you will still find this image as the first result. If you even save this image right off the internet and drop it into Google Images, this is the result:

HCB Ghost Photo

So what then is the big clue that is a dead giveaway that this is not one of HCB’s “Classic Works”? Well, for one, this image was taken in 2007, Henri passed away in 2004, additionally, if you look closely the girl is wearing relatively modern shoes and has an equally modern backpack. It has very recently come to light that the real photographer is actually Andrej Vasilenko, who at the time of this photograph was a student at Vilnius Academy of Art in Lithuania. Initially Andrej was flattered to be compared to such a legendary photographer as HCB, but when it became a regular occurrence to see his image posted in “Best of” galleries of Henri’s work, he knew it was time to set the record straight.

It makes me wonder how many other photographers have images mistakenly credited to other image-makers with them being none-the-wiser.

Sourced from: The Register

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