Dodge & Burn Announces Three New T’s and a Sale

Dodge & Burn

Some days we want to dress incognito to hide our gear and others we just want to flaunt it. For those days I would express myself with some Dodge & Burn swag, that is if I didn’t spend every cent I have on gear already. For those of us who have been eyeing their t-shirts for awhile but have had trouble making the leap will be happy to hear about their current sale. Dodge & Burn is going to be offering a 15% discount on your order till the 22nd of the month.

If you are buying for a photographer and everything on their wish list is out of your price range a nice shirt like these will always do the trick (I wear a large). The shirts are about $29 each and the three new ones are the 1959, “MAPC” and the “Professional”. The first one is is the 1959 and it features the first Canon SLR that was launched that year, the Canonflex. The second one is the Modified Arial Press Camera (MAPC) and it represents the 4×5 Speed Graphic camera which I owned for a short stint.  The final one features Nikon’s first professional grade camera, the SP rangefinder.

The code required for the sale is 1959 so now that you know it head over to their site and represent.