Google (NIK) Snapseed for Desktops is Now Dead


Just now Google decided to sunset their Reader service and decided to add a bit of Snapseed to the mix. You’ll have to excuse me because at the moment I’m seeing red because Google Reader is a part of my life.

To focus on the photography related news Google has retired only the Desktop version of the app. Im not sure what the motive is behind this but it looks like Google is attempting to streamline. They are trying to cut out the excess services so they can focus their people. Before Google bought NIK my good friend was the head of Snapseed but he left after the acquisition  This should put some fear in the hearts of those of us who still use NIK’s plugins as an essential part of our workflow.

The only good news that I can share with our readers is that the NIK team at the moment is still alive and kicking. As a part of the beta team I can tell you that the community is still actively working on making the products better.