Samsung Decided it Was Time to Launch Their New NX1100 Camera

Samsung NX1100

There have been many sloppy launches in the past few years and this is another. After having the manual hosted online for a couple weeks Samsung decided it was finally time to make an official unveiling of their new NX1100 camera. This Samsung similar to the previous model will offer a 20mp APS-C sensor, 3″ 921k dot display, high speed capture and built in Wi-Fi. The camera also likes its predecessor can record 1080P but this one does it with full manual control as well as a mic input for better audio.

It’s actually quite difficult to pick up on the differences between this new model and the NX100 which I presume it will replace. The camera includes the same 20-50mm kit lens but the NX1100 will include a hotshoe flash. Along with the flash the only other new included item will be Lightroom 4.4 which is a slick deal. Especially for those who aren’t sporting the popular software (like me!).

The only press release at the moment is from B&H and they’re also the first to have it for pre-order for $699 . Since the “old” NX1000 will now be selling at discounted prices like this recent expired deal from Woot so keep your eyes peeled.