Nikon Announces the Coolpix A, Their First DX Compact

Nikon Coolpix A

Well Fuji has done it. So did Canon. Sony did it better. And now, Nikon has delivered its very own. This is the Coolpix A and it is the first DX compact camera from Nikon. The general specs for this camera are a 16mp CMOS sensor, ISO 25,600 (with boost) 18.5mm f/2.8 lens (28mm equiv) and a 3″ 921k dot display. I love the trend of these cameras and Nikon again is late to the game . First with the P7000 trying to join in on the Canon G series’ success and now the Coolpix A following the success of the Fuji and Sony cameras. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the specs and take a look at what this camera has to offer.

Nikon Coolpix A

On the top of the camera you can see it’s the standard hot shoe (none of that Nikon 1 nonsense) which can host either an existing GPS unit or a Speedlight. Don’t bother trying to add a microphone to the Coolpix A because it is missing a mic or headphone port. If you wanted Wi-Fi built in it’s not all bad news. Although it is lacking internally, it can be added by using the WU-1a. On top, the mode dial hosts both manual and automatic functions including two user customizable ones. To power on the camera all you have to do is pull back the lever on the center dial. Doing this extends the lens and makes it ready to take a photo within seconds. On the left hand side of the camera you can see where the built in flash emerges.

Nikon Coolpix A

Along the top of the back, a very prominent “Made in Japan” is displayed so you can remember that it is made by superior beings. On the back there isn’t a whole lot of surprises but one worth mentioning is the Fn2 button. This button along with the one of the front of the camera allow you to customize and access features quickly.

Movie modes on the camera are offered in 1080p 24,25 and 30fps flavors. As I mentioned before the camera is lacking audio in and out ports but it does have stereo sound. The previously mentioned 16mp sensor can take full resolution images at 4 fps and can do so in RAW or JPEG.

Now unfortunately it is the time to make a lot of Nikon fanboys along with myself cry. The cameras price is a shocker but it wasn’t unexpected, the Nikon Coolpix A will be sold for $1,099. The camera will come in black and silver (looks a bit titanium) colors.

For more information on the Coolpix A you should head over to Nikon’s website and Dpreview’s preview of the camera. Nikon also has Jessica McCarthy, Coolpix Product Manager, showing off the features of the camera here and has Doug Menuez show off the camera in a short promo.

What’s that? You love crying? Well I’ve got more for you, here is the DF-CP1, a $450 dollar optical viewfinder made specifically for this camera.


This viewfinder has about 90% coverage and does not include a box of tissues. The icing on the cake is that Nikon is also selling a filter adapter for the camera at a price of $130. The UR-E24 is a filter adapter which gives you the ability to use 46mm filters. This adapter also includes a lens hood.

These accessories are sold in both silver and black.

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