Weekend Humor: Olympus Tech Outfits E-P3 With X-Ray Filter

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Editor’s Note: Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, you jerk.

It was an accident of creation. Jackson McDonough had just been transferred to the Camera division from the Medical division of Olympus America. He had devoted his life to developing medical technologies when the higher ups saw fit to move him over to the other side. McDonough regarded the camera division with a certain degree of apprehension, and he sought to find a way to bring a little of the medical division into the camera field. After some initial tests, McDonough succeeded in outfitting an E-P3 with an X-Ray filter. His Instagram? Filled with boobs!

A day or so after modifying an E-P3, McDonough took the camera to the park near his house where he took surreptitious photos of all the ladies jogging that morning. He found that he had to stifle excited giggles as the camera rendered topless images of the neighborhood joggers. With a wealth of NSFW photos and no incriminating internet history, McDonough activated a new Instagram account under the handle: boobys4mb4.

McDonough’s highly suggestive Instagram feed attracted a wealth of followers, most in the 9 to 15 year old age range. Boys made up roughly 90% of base, while curious girls made up just 10%. Common search terms included: jubblies, boobies, “me so horny”, and milk. McDonough’s uploads garnered hundreds of thousands of favorites with the most common comments being “yay boobies!” and “awwww yeahhhhh”.

With newfound a popularity and a desire to share the love, McDonough published his modding process online. This caught the attention of the higher-ups at Olympus who squashed McDonough’s blog within minutes of it going live. He posted a screenshot of his blog to his Instagram around 9:00pm, which is right before most parents force their kids to sleep. This led to a huge spike in traffic to McDonough’s blog, so much so that top search result for “jogging”, “which milk should I buy to make my kid taller”, and “how can I make this Olympus thing take better photos” was the blog post.

We reached out to McDonough for an interview, but he politely declined our request since he was fired shortly after having his blog shut down. He did, however, send us a photo of Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery with the phrase “I <3 BOOBS” scribbled on it.

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