Nikon’s WR-1 is a Radio Control That Sits On Top of Your Camera



Accompanying Nikon’s latest D7100 announcement, they are also showing off the WR-1 Transceiver as a wireless remote control solution. It is capable of transmitting within a 394 feet range via a 2.4GHz radio frequency and 15 channels. The WR-1 acts as both a receiver and a transmitter to remotely control a camera or sync cameras shutter speeds. Using multiple WR-1s allows for remote control over multiple cameras. This allows for a variety of different remote setups which you can separate into groups and individually control, such as simultaneous release and synchronized release. There is also the option to remotely configure ISO, shooting mode, shutter speed, and aperture.

The WR-1 sits on top of your camera’s hot shoe connection and also plays well with the WR-R10 and WRT10 wireless remotes. The WR-1 will require a camera with a ten-pin remote terminal to set up as the master camera for synchronized release. While there has been no US pricing announcements, expect the WR-1 to ship sometime in March of this year.