Pentax Ups the Ante with Three New Rugged Cameras


Pentax has been doing tough cameras for quite some time now and just to prove it the camera above is the 14th generation of their “adventure proof” line of cameras. If I saw that on a box or advertisement I would be convinced that they must be doing something right with all of their experience. Today Pentax has announced three new cameras, the WG-10 (pictured above), the WG-3 and WG-3 GPS. Lets skim over the features to see whats new and exciting for this 14th and 15th revision of the series.

Starting with the WG-10, it is waterproof up to 33 feet, cold proof down to 14F and can take quite the tumble if dropped from 4.9 feet. Inside is a 14mp backlit CCD sensor and it is fitted with a 5x optical lens. This lens has an equivalent range of 28mm-140mm in 35mm format. What makes the lens special is that it is coupled with five led lights on the front of the camera that allow it to take close macro photos. Pentax calls this mode Digital Microscope mode and it can focus as close as 1cm for evenly lit extreme closeups.

The WG-10 will be available in mid-April for $180.


Now if you thought the WG-10 was tough it has nothing on the new WG-3 from Pentax. It improves on the depth rating from 33 feet all the way down to 45 feet. The camera can also be dropped from 6.6 feet and cold proof down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit and to take it a bit further it can sustain 220 pounds of force! So that should make those of you who like to drop rocks or dance on your camera very happy.


The WG-3 takes it a step further than previous versions by improving the lens of the camera by adding a large aperture of f/2.0. This should help in lowlight when at the widest focal length along with the included dual shake reduction on the 16mp CMOS sensor. The lens also features a 4x optical zoom with the same led system as the WG-10 that allows super close shadow free macro photos. Unfortunately when Digital Microscope mode is selected the images are restricted to 2mp and a 16:9 ratio.


The WG-3 GPS as you would guess is the same camera with the added GPS feature to allow your camera to track your adventure on a map. Additionally the GPS model will feature a small LCD on the front that will either indicate time, pressure or altitude. The top of the line model will also feature for the first time the ability to wirelessly charge the camera on a compatible Qi charger. This wireless charging will help reduce the chance of the seal breaking when diving.

The WG-3 model will be priced at $300 while the GPS version will be sold for $350.

Pentax will also be offering a chest harness for the camera as well as a lens adapter. This lens adapter will give the lens a wide angle boost to give you a 20mm field of view.

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