Cokin Announces Pure Harmonie Filters


It’s rare for me that a product shot of an item will make me want it. Even though I am a huge filter naysayer, there are definitely benefits to using a high quality filter. So here comes Cokin with a brand new set of filters that claim to be the thinnest and lightest filters in the world. Although I don’t think I have ever cared before now about the size and weight of a filter, Cokin sure has made me reconsider after seeing the Pure Harmonie set. There are three new filters under the new branding and they are the Anti-UV Multi-Coated (UV MC), Circular Polarizer (C PL), and the Variable Density Neutral Gray (ND X).

The UV MC filter (above) is only 3.3mm thick and Cokin says that it’s nearly invisible when on your lens and I believe them. The C PL is 4.5mm thin and was made with no compromise. It has a rotating ring to adjust polarization. From ND2 to ND400, the Variable Neutral Density filter will give you a range of eight f stops without affecting the color rendition.

At the least you should mozy over to their website to check out the details. If you do and you find yourself wanting one you can check them out on Amazon: Anti-UV Multi Coated, Circular Polarizer and Variable Neutral Density Gray Filter. They range from $50 all the way up to $200 for the largest variable ND filter.