The Nikon D5200 Finally Reaches American Soil

Nikon D5200

I have previously reported the release of the camera but tonight it is finally available for United States customers. To quickly go over the specs of this mid size camera it has a 24.1mp DX format sensor which is capable of low light shooting up to ISO 6400. It came as a bit of a shocker when Nikon announced that the D5200 would come with the D7000’s fantastic 39 point AF system which is capable of 5fps at full resolution. You can find all of the specs and features in our original news release or on Nikons official page.

You can get the camera over at Amazon for just under $900 with the kit lens.

Nikon has also announced availability of it’s WR-R10 and WR-T10 wireless remote controllers for their DSLR cameras. This is very similar to their older remotes but this instead uses a radio instead of infrared. Images can be be taken from up to 66 feet away and unlike infrared direct line of sight is not necessary. This accessory is compatible with Nikons latest cameras like the Nikon D3200,D5200 and D600, if you would like to use this with older cameras with the 10-pin terminal you will have to get the WR-A10 adapter. DPreview has the writeup as well as pictures of the new accessories here.