The GoPro Hero 3 Gets Some Serious Love with Polar Pro Filters’ New Accessory

Polar Pro Filter's new GoPro Hero 3 Filter Accessory

People love their GoPro cameras. They are unique little cameras that have the ability to adapt to almost any shooting condition and make sure that you get the shot. Great for action sports coverage and numerous other situations, one thing that almost always is needed is a good filter to make sure it makes the mountain scene really pops or that the underwater clip looks less blue and more like real life.

Polar Pro Filters has an excellent solution for just these kind of shooting problems, and right now you can dive in with them and get their new Hero 3 Cube Filter kickstarted into the market. Choosing from one of their many pledge options starting at $20 USD will get you the Hero 3 Cube Filter of your choice, but you can pledge yourself all the way into an exclusive ski or dive trip with the staff of Polar Pro Filters (providing you feel like coughing up $5000. for the opportunity)

While their product pitch video won’t be winning any awards anytime soon, it does show a decent view on what a difference the filters can make in your next Hero 3 video. Go check out their Kickstarter page and show them some love if it seems like a product you’d like to get a hold of!