The FocusMaker Is a New Type of Follow Focus System

Striving for beauty in simplicity, the design team over at FocusMaker created a new follow focus system for your DSLR videography that fits just about any DSLR camera. Its as simple as just a two pieces that attach to your lens using a band that snaps into place. Simply strap it to your lens before a shoot, set up your focusing points, and you’re good to go. This allows you to make quick focusing shifts as you keep track of each point through the FocusMaker sight.

Constructed out of lightweight and flexible materials, the FocusMaker could be just what you need to get those quick and sharp focus effects you’ve been looking for. You can pick up one of these on their website for $89 and it comes with the ruler, lever, a handle, 6 clips to set your focus points, and a carrying pouch.