Projecteo is the Tiniest Instagram Projector Money Can Buy (Kickstart)

For some odd reason I woke up at 5am this morning and I couldn’t fall asleep. I decided to check out new projects on Kickstarter and I am glad I did. I stumbled upon a brand new project at the time and it really caught my attention. Projecteo is a crazy small led powered projector that can fit nine images onto a single slide of film. This piece of film  is then placed into a wheel which can be rotated to display any of the images on it onto a nearby wall.

Projecteo is powered by 3 small batteries on the inside and are said to last eight hours. The unit itself is screwed together and not glued so it can easily be taken apart if needed or wanted. The company is going to have them made by a friendly man in China and have the film printed by a company in New York, the film will be Kodak for those of you who are curious. The video of the project is what sold me and you can see that on their Kickstarter page here. Each Projecteo will go for $25 at this point and within the first day they are just under halfway of their goal. Go innovation and ideas!