Instagram Names Which Filters Are Used By All the Cool Kids

If you are an Instagram user and desire to boost your followers with some simple tips, paying close attention to what the pros are doing is a great way to go about that.

Rather than do all the market research on your own, do yourself a favor and use what other people have already discovered and repurpose it for your personal work. According to research group Simply Measured out of the Popular page users 16% used the Lo-Fi filter (my personal favorite), 12% were X-Pro II, 11% used Amaro, 11% had Rise, and 10% were Hudson. Interestingly enough, apparently nearly half of the photos on the page used no filter at all, so you might consider going without and depending on your subject to pop without the use of faux filters.

Now these stats are all reflective of just the popular photos rank of filter usage. As far as actual responses from people the Hefe filter ranked the highest. While it only pulled 5% total in usage of the photos on the popular page it had an average of 4,515 responses per image, with Lo-Fi and X-Pro II followed closely behind. Surprisingly this proves that in the world of over-saturated image sharing apps, over-saturated images are still the kings of the hill.

(via, image © Christian Rudman)