RED Slashes the Price of the Epic Tomorrow

The electronics industry is a odd entity when it comes to pricing and value of the products contained within. It is one of the few markets where there are significant advances in the technology of the products yet a continual decline in the price values of said products. The camera industry niche is no exception.

RED has made a important portion of the cinema and video industry stand up and take notice with their competitive pricing and modular designs matched with top-tier technologies. Jim Jannard and his team at RED have made themselves even more attractive to current and potential customers with a major announcement on October 26th through the RED forums:

Everything in the electronics world changes… usually for the better, cheaper and faster. EPIC just did.

We have learned how to make EPICs in quantity, lowered our assembly costs, found better suppliers and paid off our NRE.

That means we can continue to charge the same for an EPIC (and now make an obscene amount of profit) or lower the price.

So. We could easily pretend and invent a new model to justify a lower price with higher performance. You are too smart for that. So are we. Instead… we will just lower the price of EPIC.

EPIC continues to be modular. Dragon will be an upgrade. Meizler is a module. All is good in the world if you accept the fact that everything gets better, cheaper, faster and for less money over time.

If you bought an EPIC in the past 30 days… we will offer a credit towards accessories. That amount will be posted along with the new EPIC pricing. Nov. 1st is when it happens.

Here is to transparency and honesty. Here is to the future. This is all an experiment. Let’s see how it goes…

– Jim

What this means is that tomorrow the RED company will announce the new pricing structure for the RED Epic camera. Video makers rejoice, there is a new old pony in town, and it’s going to be significantly less expensive when you wake up November 1st, 2012.

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