First Impressions: The Aviator Travel Jib

I’ve been following the Aviator travel jib for a while now. This really light and compact travel jib lets you get those kind of shots that would require to use a much more expensive, and not to mention heavier unit.

Does it live up to all the hubbub? Read on traveling reader…


Tech Specs

Mag Jib weighs < 3 ¾ lbs. (1700g) | Max Camera Load 6 ½ lbs. (2948g)

Carbon Fiber Jib weighs 2 ¾ lbs. (1247g) | Max Camera Load 7 ½ lbs. (3400g)


At Photo Plus, the carbon fiber travel jib was on display. It looks really light and compact. The details remind me of kind of a steam-punk infused 1950’s Fallout motif. Out front here is the mount for your tripod head. I suggest you get something light as possible. Since, the overall weight of the tripod head will effect the maximum weight of what the unit can hold. The carbon model holds 7 1/2 pounds max. While the Mag version holds 6 1/2 pounds. Both weight incredibly light. So which ever you get you will be happy the savings in weight on your back and arms.

A shot of the mid-section of the unit

At the base of the unit you have some mounting points for magic arms. There you can add accessories like a screen to monitor your shot. Just remember you need to add a counter-balance at the end of the boom.

Moving the unit up and down was smooth and steady. I had no problems getting used to the flow of how to use it.  It looks so small for a full 6 foot extension. When it’s compact it’s just 24 inches!

First Impressions

Nice Industries has something really cool here. The guy who designed this item Zeke Kamm, spent over 3 years working out how to make this. I think it was worth it. He’s got a waiting list for people to buy one. I wish I had more time to work with this unit, I’m hoping to have a much more in-depth review very soon.

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