Tripod Giveaway Photo Contest from 3 Legged Thing

Question: What’s worse than trying to take a sharp 1 second exposure with no tripod?

Answer: Not much, but you’ll never have to worry about that situation arising with a new tripod from our good friends at 3 Legged Thing! In anticipation of the new Evolution 2 tripod series being released on November 1st, the wonderful folks over at 3 Legged Thing have launched a photo contest with the prize being one of their new tripods! They only have two available for this, so be sure to enter soon through liking the 3LeggedThing fan page on facebook and submitting a photo to their page.

The best part about this contest is it’s suited to everyone. The theme is “I Should Have Used a Tripod for This!” I have so many photos in my back catalog that would fit this description and I am sure that there are plenty of other people with the same problem. Put those unusable images to use finally, just pick out your best stinker image and upload to the 3 Legged Thing facebook fan page wall. There are already some good examples up there, with plenty of room for even more erroneous captures to take the cake and win a brand new tripod!