Introducing VSCO Keys For Lightroom

So I just started toying with the idea of using Adobe Lightroom and as I sat there staring at the screen looking confused I saw an announcement for VSCO Keys. I know I love VSCO, a company who sells presets for Aperture and Lightroom to simulate film as well as the maker of a well used app on my iPhone. Back to my blank face illuminated by a screen filled with sliders and buttons in Lightroom 4. The goal of Keys is to speed up your workflow and change it from a lot of clicking and dragging sliders to a customizable layout that allows you to do all of your favorite adjustments from your keyboard.

Now because the company is mostly known for emulating film you should know that with this app you can create a workflow that has nothing to do with film and just fill the list of shortcuts with common adjustments like contrast or exposure. You can also program specific keys to apply a film profile of your choice.

Keys is enabled and disabled by pressing the esc keys, on the Mac you will see the Keys logo in the toolbar enable and disable with each press. The shortcuts are customized using a web app in which you can create different sets.

Head over to VSCO’s website to give Keys a free 14 day trial run. If you are serious about strengthening your workflow you won’t mind the $125 dollar price tag. Keys will work with Lightroom 3 and 4. Thanks to for finding this gem for us.



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