The Final Days of Ritz Camera

In 2005 I bought my very first DSLR from Ritz here in San Diego and three years later I returned to buy my D300. I haven’t been in a store in awhile but I have been to two of them within the last couple of days. The outsides are lined with going out of business signs and when you enter its just a sad mostly gutted store that lacks life. The online revolution just hasnt been kind to the giant who never adapted to the new lifestyle. Laugh if you will but this is a sign of the times, for some areas these stores were the only place where people can try the camera before they buy.

For those of you with a Ritz or Wolf Camera store nearby you should go and check them out and see if there are any deals that may interest you. The two stores I visited had different final closing dates but had similar sales. They have 60% filters, 40% off camera bags like LowePro, up to 40% off of tripods (I saw a couple of Manfrotto) and up to 25% off of cameras. The main cameras that I saw were Sony, Canon, Olympus and the Nikon 1 series. I saw a Olympus pen selling for $220 and a Canon 60D kit selling for $750 new. The deals will vary per store but they are all closing, to find the store closest to you click here. With that and in closing I encourage you to support your local business’ and share your thoughts below.