Introducing The Bataflae Backpack From Gura Gear

With all of the LowePro and ThinkTank press all around here is another company I think you should check out. This is the Bataflae (pronounced butterfly) bag and this was the first time I have seen a product from Gura Gear. I must have had blinders on because this bag is fantastic in all of its press images. The Bataflae name comes from the ability to open the butterfly flaps on the back one at a time. 

This feature sounds simple but its brilliant because when being exposed to the elements you don’t want to expose all of your gear if you don’t have to. There are also situations where flashing all of your gear is undesirable like in a crowded area, only exposing one side doesn’t show all of your goodies.

As seen above the Bataflae bag can hold a lot of your precious lenses and camera bodies. It can hold 35mm to medium format gear and small primes to a 500mm f4 lens attached to a body. They even say that it will hold a 800mm lens with the hood reversed.

On the flap it doesn’t have 1 or 2 but instead 4 compartments for your small accessories. I know I like to separate mine not just to be better organized but to keep items that will scratche (allen wrenches and flatheads) away from  those items that are more delicate.

When I first saw how much gear this bag packs I thought I hope they didn’t screw up the straps because all this gear will bring the pain. It has what appears to be well contoured harness and a belt strap for added comfort. As an added bonus if the best strap isnt needed you can simply remove it.

On the front just above the main compartments there is a full length zippered pocket with even more room for random items like pens business cards and an assortment of candy. Above images also show the ability to mount a tripod on the bag as well as its included rain cover. There is also a pouch on the side of the bag for a water bottle or “sports beverage”.

There are two sizes of this bag, the 32L which will retail for $449 and the 26L which will run you $399. Both bags will come in black, gray and tan colors. The press release can be found on PDN’s website here and you can find the bags on Gura Gears site here.


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