Samyang Tilt-Shift 24mm Lens Announced

It was hinted on their Facebook awhile ago but now its official, Samyang’s new tilt shift lens is here! The plane of focus and the optical axis can both be adjusted individually as well as an option to take it further. The next level is the ability to rotate the lens mount and and tilt shift section may be rotated left 90 degrees, the lens mount can also be rotated 90 degrees left and right. So it seems if you thought the lens would be announced at a lower price it would lack in terms of tilt shift functionality.

Along with all the tilting and shifting above the lens is also full of different elements, with a total of 16 lenses (2 aspherical and 2 mard with ED glass) arranged in eleven groups. Each optical component of the lens is covered with multiple layers of anti-reflective UMC coatings which help with light transmission and scenes with high contrasts.

I haven’t seen a price yet but knowing Samyang the lens will be prices much lower than the Nikon and Canon version and offer similar image quality. The lens will come in the Nikon, Canon EF, Pentax and Sony Alpha flavors. No official word on on the press release here on release date.