New Black Magic Cinema Camera Featuring a MFT Mount

I’ll go ahead and start this off by stating the obvious. The Canon mount on the original BMCC was never meant for a smaller sensor, this from the start severely limited the wide angle options for the camera. Yes there are some great wide angle options out there like the variable aperture Sigma 8-16mm but back to my point… this sensor was never meant to be paired with an APS-C sized mount.

It’s a very smart move by Black Magic to announce the camera so soon because most people still have the time to cancel their pre-orders, the EF model is still slowly trickling out to people. The MFT version will support MFT lenses that have manual iris (aperture) and focus. This isn’t just about MFT, its also about making it easy to adapt other formats such as PL or Nikon. Adapting is easy with this model because the Micro Four Thirds mount is much closer to the sensor and allows the space for adapters. There is no electronic communication so all lenses will have to work in a manual mode. Read the press release here. More information from John Brawley here.