DIY 8×10 Camera Guide For The (Daring) Film People Out There

Cary has been making DIY types of cameras for awhile now and a recent popular one was his 8×10 Lego Camera as well as a bunch of others on his blog. This camera is his attempt at making a nice 8×10 camera in which his goal was to make “a nice one, out of wood or something.” This was his original objective but as he says “one doesn’t just throw together a well-made, (really) large format camera” and he settled on making the camera out of an affordable foam core.

He found out that making the camera out of foam core was really cost effective and this led him to his $15 8×10 camera.

On his blog he describes the process and shows the steps he made to complete the little beauty. There is quite a bit of detail going into the process as you would expect from a DIY project and he provides all of the information to create your own, if you dare.

Samples from the DIY 8×10 Camera by Cary Norton:

Cary’s blog can be found here and the full writeup on the DIY 8×10 camera can be found here. On a side note if you are a film person and you have never seen through a large format cameras ground glass you should, its a real treat.


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