New Features Coming to The Canon 7D in August

Canon just announced that in August they will be releasing the previously leaked firmware update for their popular 7D camera. In Canon’s statement they mention that they want to continue to offer the users of their current cameras the best features. I will quickly go over the key features and the minor tweaks coming in a couple months. Quick and faster seems to be the overall theme since most of the features include some kind of speed enhancement.

Key Features:

A burst rate increase from 15 to 25 RAW images if you are using a new fast CF card. The increase in speed also allows more RAW + JPEG from 6 to 17 frames. There is only a minor increase in how many JPEG only photos you can take, 126 to 130.

Canon has finally brought manual audio to their only high end crop camera, the 5D mk2 received this update after the 7D was released and it has been sought after. The camera will be able to change up to 64 levels of manual adjustment prior to recording.

Previously when shooting with auto ISO the camera would top out at ISO 3200 but soon the user will be able to choose their own top ISO all the way up to 6400.

Additional Features:


In camera RAW processing has been added. I am sure in some fields this is very handy but in my personal use I have never explored the feature. You can adjust White Balance, Picture Style, Auto Lighting Optimizer, High ISO Noise Reduction, JPEG Quality, Color Space, Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction, Distortion Correction and Lens Aberration Correction in camera and these settings can be applied to the RAW images.

Another one of those if you use it you will love it enhancements is the ability to resize images in camera. For example you can resize a large JPEG to either medium or small. It doesn’t appear that you will have extremely fine control of how big the image will be.

In camera ratings have been added and this is a feature I can get behind. You will have the ability to rate an image from 0 to 5 stars and this will stay embedded with the file. In real world use you are shooting and you see a shot you really like while you are chimping on your lcd screen, rate the image and later in Lightroom or Aperture you will be able to sort by existing ratings.

The three last enhancements are customization of file names, time zone settings and faster scrolling of magnified images. Name customization allows you to place a customer name in front of each image file, this in my opinion is a feature I really like from my past Nikons and I feel it adds a professional touch. Time zone settings are quite self explanatory but they have been added to make ease of time management for frequent travelers. Faster scrolling is that Canon has simply sped up the process of zooming and verifying shots in the field.

On their site canon has a video talking about the new features as well as a comparison chart between the two versions of firmware. Being a Nikon user I am very jealous that Canon continues to add features to aging cameras that are still current. The 5D mk2 saw several enhancing update in its life and in the same lifespan the Nikon D700 only saw a couple bug fixes. This shows that Canon cares about its current base of owners and not just focused on creating new owners by withholding features. I’m sure there will be some people out there crying that they didn’t get more than 5 images when bracketing but I think this is a great update for Canon 7D owners!


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