500px Plus For Those Who Aren’t Quite Awesome

500px today announced a new membership today called Plus. 500px Plus is a direct competitor for Flickr’s Pro Account and it shares some of the same perks. The Plus membership will allow you to upload an unlimited amount of images to the site where you were only allowed 10 images per week previously. Other features of the new membership is access to the personal store, unlimited collections and statistics.

The personal Store allows users to download your images at an HD quality (1920×1080) and gives the users a chance to use them as a wallpaper or just see your work at a higher quality. Images can also be purchased on canvas which is available in two sizes of 36×24 or 30×30. These canvas prints are taken care of by 500px and no additional work is asked of you the seller.

Statistics offer you specifics about the traffic that your images generate. They will tell you the amount of likes, dislikes, favorites or comments over a certain period of time. As with other sites and uses of statistics it offers insights to what your following really enjoys. I always find with my personal work that images I may not like as much as others get a lot more attention.

There has been quite a gap in the pricing structure before this there was only the free account and the Awesome Membership which was $49.95 a year. At the moment the remaining perks of the Awesome Membership are few. For $30 more you get custom domains and personalized portfolios. This to most isn’t worth the upgrade unless your online presence require them or you are lacking them elsewhere.

For those of us who were weary of dropping that amount on a service which is still quite young was something I personally wasn’t willing to do. I already have an online portfolio and have already given up on Flickr which I have cancelled my account not too long ago. At $19.95 a year the Plus Membership looks like something I will strongly consider because the leap is not as great.


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