The Tiniest M-Mount Lens Ever Looks Like a Body Cap



MS Optical, a Japanese one-man business best known for their lens conversions, are about to introduce what is probably the tiniest lens ever made for Leica M-mount: the Super Triplet Perar 28mm f4. Successor to the very popular and critically acclaimed Super Triplet Perar 35mm f3.5, the new Perar 4/28 manages to beat its already minute predecessor in terms of size and weight. Coming in at only 45 g (1.58 oz), the lens is based on a triplet design comprising only three lens elements. To make the optical formula even more compact, the lens’ aperture is placed before the front element. More details after the jump.

MS Optical is run by one man, Mr Sadoyasu Miyazaki, who develops and produces his products all by himself. MS Optical has introduced a number of different lenses in the past, but Miyazaki-san’s 35mm f3.5 Perar lens was the first to become widely recognized. Besides creating exotic lenses, MS Optical also converts all kinds of lenses to fit various camera systems.

The Super Triplet Perar 28mm f4’s specs read as follows:

  • 28mm focal length
  • modern three-lens formula based on the classic Cooke Triplet
  • premium quality Tantalum glass, multicoated with 97% light transmission rate
  • f4 max. aperture with 10 rounded aperture blades produced in Germany
  • minimum focusing distance of 0.8 m (31.5 in)
  • comes in native Leica M mount
  • developed for use on digital cameras specifically

Availability is unkown as of yet, but the lens can be pre-ordered via Japan Camera Hunter or Japan Exposures, for a price of approx. $ 720 USD. It will be produced in batches, the first one comprising 180 copies.

First sample pictures taken with the lens look very promising, and the lens’ signature appears to be very close to that of the Perar 35/3.5. Cosidering how popular that lens was (and still is), the 28mm f4 Perar will probably sell out quickly and become a demanded item among Leica aficionados.

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