Quick Review: The Nice Clip

The Nice Clip

The Nice Clip

A couple of months ago, our friend Zeke from Nice Industries approached us with a new product of his, The Nice Clip. At the time it was just an idea he had and put on Kickstarter to hopefully gain enough buzz and funding to make it come true. Well, a couple of weeks ago, we got word that the project did get funding, was beginning to be produced, and would ship shortly, including one headed straight to our door to look at.

The Nice Clip is a product that was made to help with one of those frustrating things we all go through in photography, looking for that darn lens cap after you’re done shooting. I’ve been in this situation many times myself. It’s a simple little concept but how well does it work? Click on through to check it out.


At first glance, it just looks like your typical clip that you can get from any convenient store. Upon touching it for the first time, you’ll notice this thing build quite solid. I’d venture that you would have a difficult time breaking this thing, even if you were trying.

The Nice Clip is actually sold as either a clip for your lens cap or a cable management clip. As a cable organizer, I found that you can fit quite a few wires into it.

I would say that I wish the clip section was a little longer since when on my (larger) belt, the clip wasn’t lock down and it did pop off my belt once when it caught on something.

One strong point (pun intended) is the 3M sticky tape on the back. This stuff is strong. You won’t have to worry about the clip coming off of whatever surface you’ve stuck it to.


I originally had the clip and lens cap on my belt. After I had it catch on a lighting cord and pop off my belt, I decided to find other areas that might work better. After trying other spots like a pocket, neckline (didn’t like that one), and finally hooking it on a cable hanging from my flash, I decided on the latter as the best in-studio option. While out and about, the belt or pocket worked just fine.

As a cable manager/organizer, it works pretty much as expected. The bonus is how many cables you can fit in it as well as how strong the tape is. I have mine stuck on the backside of my keyboard tray and I’m more than confident that it won’t be popping off anytime soon.

Cable Management With The Nice Clip

Cable Management With The Nice Clip


This is a product that’s easy to think it isn’t worth your time to check out, but you shouldn’t dismiss it that quickly. Just think about all those times you’ve looked for your lens cap after a session and couldn’t find it. I’ve been there more times than I care to know. This little product will alleviate you from having to be in that scenario. It’s also a perfect clip for cable management and more than satisfies in that department. The Nice Clip is a simple, affordable, photographic accessory that will give you that “ah-ha” moment the first time you don’t have to fumble around for your lens cap.

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