Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit 2 is Now Available

Recently, I had the fine pleasure of meeting the nice folks at Lensbaby. I’ve always have been interested in their system am I am looking to get one someday. The Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit 2 has pushed me a step closer to that purchase with these new aperture designs. Essentially, it allows you to get shaped bokeh. I am a great lover of bokeh and I find these designs created and submitted by photographers during the Lensbaby “Get Appy” contest, to be awe-inspiring. Take a look at some of the samples.

Portland, OR – Lensbaby (www.lensbaby.com) posed a challenge to its community a few months ago to come up with a new shape for their Creative Aperture Kit. Today, Lensbaby is proud to announce that its Creative Aperture Kit 2, featuring winning designs from that contest, is now available. Creative aperture disks are dropped into a Lensbaby lens in place of one of the round hole aperture disks that come with all Lensbaby optics. When a Creative Aperture disk is used with a Lensbaby SLR lens, the shape cut into the aperture disk will appear in the photograph anywhere bright points of light (specular highlights) are out of focus (ie, decorative lights at night or the sun shining through leaves).

The kit contains nine total aperture disks, five of which were designed by Lensbaby photographers and four by the Lensbaby staff. The packaging showcases the winning photograph of the Get Appy contest, Flower by Troy Eiffert who created the Slots aperture disk. The disks included are (pictured above from top to bottom/left to right): diamonds (created by Jerrid Jones), dripsplat (created by Ivan DeWolf), slots (created by Troy Eiffert), swirly (created by Andrew Kua), whirlpool (creaded by Bjorn Rannestad), birds, sunburst, heart and star.

The Creative Aperture Kit 2 is compatible with the Lensbaby Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic and Soft Focus Optics and is recommended for use with the Lensbaby Composer, Muse, Control Freak, Composer with Tilt Transformer and Scout lens bodies.

Gevon Servo

Gevon Servo aka @GServo is an eclectic, NJ/NY Photographer. He’s a Nikon shooter, by choice nevertheless, will always test any piece of photography equipment. He believes that like ‘Photography’, ‘Coffee’,’Beer’ and ‘Comics Books’ and other things ‘Geek’ “You must try everything once to discover what you want to try again.