Lensbaby Announces Nikon Lens Tilt-Shift Adapters For Micro Four Thirds And Sony Alpha NEX Cameras

Lensbaby just announced its Composer lens and Tilt Transformer adapter for Micro Four Thirds and Sony Alpha NEX digital cameras. The adapter doesn’t work with Micro Four Thirds/NEX lenses, though; instead, the Tilt Transformer allows the use of Nikon mount lenses on the smaller cameras, while the Composer is its own dedicated lens for use with the Tilt Transformer. The device is designed for tilt-shift focus, creating small areas of focus in a picture while filling the rest of the frame with bokeh.

According to Lensbaby, the Tilt Transformer can tilt twice as far as standard tilt-shift lenses when used in conjunction with Nikon lenses. It also serves as the base for the Composer, a manual focus lens that can be customized with Lensbaby’s Optic Swap System. The lens’s apertures can be changed from F1.6 to F22 by switching out different included aperture discs, and its optics can be replaced with a variety of optional accessories. It comes with Lensbaby’s Double Glass Optic, but users can get Single Glass, Plastic, Soft Focus, and Pinhole/Zoom Plate optics for the Composer as well.

The Tilt Transformer and Composer are currently available for Micro Four Thirds cameras, and Sony Alpha NEX models will be available by the end of the year. The Tilt Transformer alone retails for $250, while the Tilt Transformer with Composer retails for $350. The Composer is not available separately.