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Julius Motal


Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon G1X review images (21 of 28)ISO 3201-320 sec at f - 2.0

There are a number of things to consider before setting out on a trip – lodging, money, luggage, etc. – and for photographers, taking pictures is very close to the top of the list. If you’re visiting a city you haven’t been to before, it’s wise to do a little research before you go in order to get a sense of the place and know what to bring. If you’re starting out, here are some things to keep in mind ahead of your trip to a new metropolis. [click to continue…]

julius motal the phoblographer iso 400 an rong xu 05

In this episode of ISO 400, we hear from An Rong Xu, a photographer based in New York City whose working on a long-term project called “The Chinese Americans.” For the project, Xu is exploring Chinese American identity through diaspora communities across the United States. When he was a student at the School of Visual Arts, he worked on a series about his grandfather called “Grandpa,” which proved to be a turning point for him as it taught him about the importance of quiet moments. He also shoots editorial assignments for various publications.

If you’d like to see more of Xu’s work, you can check out his website or follow him on Instagram @anrizzy.

As always, our music is provided by Yuki Futami, a New York-based jazz musician.

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julius motal the phoblographer project street 05

Street photography is a genre that has more practitioners now than at any point in its history. There seem to be many schools of thought on what does and does not constitute street photography. For a good sense of where street photography is today, we recommend checking out the recent panel discussion on the genre hosted by The Candid Frame. To help you along, here are ten things to keep in mind on the street. [click to continue…]

julius motal the phoblographer iso 400 nicholas gervin 14604567283_3170d4cce9_k

In this episode of ISO 400, we hear from Nicholas Gervin, a street photographer based in Portland, Maine. Photography for Gervin is a means of recovery as he has suffered a series of injuries, automobile and otherwise, and with his camera, he’s explored the places around him. There’s a raw and visceral quality to Gervin’s work that commands your full attention. Some photography allows you to passively receive it, but Gervin’s doesn’t allow any room for that. There’s an immediacy to it that grabs you.

For more of Gervin’s work, you can check out his website. A selection of his work and the episode are after the break.

As always, our music is provided by Yuki Futami, a New York-based jazz musician. [click to continue…]

Kodak Tri-X 320--

Cats are the alpha and the omega. They are the driving force behind the internet. They can make for very cute, if awfully temperamental friends, if they can be considered friends at all. Whether it’s your own cat, a friend’s, or one on the street, here are ten tips to keep in mind for the next time you make a photograph. [click to continue…]

julius motal introversion the phoblographer

I have a hard time around new people. At parties, I look for the one person I know, and if that’s a wash, I float at the edges of conversations. I’m terrible at introducing myself, though if I’m okay if I’m introduced. The thing about introversion is that I get my energy from within and from my pursuits. Social functions can be exhausting, and I sometimes need to remove myself to the periphery in order to recharge. Photography and by extension writing, like the work I do for this site, quickly became a natural fit for me because it allows me to contextualize my thoughts and put them out into the world in a way that engages with people, which is what draws me to photographing on the street. [click to continue…]