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Julius Motal

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Jerry Ghionis is a renowned wedding photographer–and the Australian native splits his time between Melbourne and Beverly Hills. Besides being one of WPPI’s most-awarded photographers, his gigs have taken him all over the world. What follows is an interview with Ghionis on his photography and his approach to the craft.

Editor’s Note: He’s currently traveling across the U.S. on his “How to Wow” tour. For more information, go here.

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Canon has three new PowerShot cameras on deck: the G7X, the SX60 HS and the N2.

The G7X, pictured above, is Canon’s first compact camera with a 1-inch sensor. It’s a premium compact camera with a 20.2 MP sensor, 4.2x optical zoom lens (24-100mm equivalent) with a variable aperture of f1.8-2.8 and an ISO range of 125-12,800. The G7X fits snugly between the S120 and G1X Mk II, and it has built-in wi-fi. It will be available in October 2014 for $699.99.

The SX60 HS is a superzoom camera with 65x optical zoom. That’s a 35mm-equivalent of 21-1365mm. Get your safari tickets now. It has a 16.1 MP CMOS sensor and full HD video with audio input available for you audiophiles. It sports an articulating LCD and an electronic viewfinder, both with 922K-dot resolution. Like the G7X, it has built-in wi-fi. It will be available in October for $549.99.

The N2 is a total square with 16.1 MP CMOS sensor and an 8x optical zoom lens, equivalent to 28-224mm. It has a 2.8-inch articulating touchscreen LCD and built-in wi-fi. It will be available in December for $299.99.

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It would be wonderful if we had the best possible light for each shot at any time of day. For better or worse, the golden hour is just that–a period of beautiful light that happens once before dusk and once after dawn, providing there are ideal conditions. There will be occasions when you’re photographing at night, when you’ll only have street lights, neon signs, headlights and similarly limited light sources. It can be somewhat daunting, but here are some tips for photographing at night. [click to continue…]

This is Typhoon Halong of the coast of Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Reid Wiseman/NASA

This is Typhoon Halong of the coast of Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Reid Wiseman/NASA

Reid Wiseman, an astronaut currently aboard ISS, has been a highly active photographer, showing us all images that instill a sense of calm. With a full suite of technology at his fingertips, he’s been making images of the earth at all times of day, and his night images are particularly awe-inspiring. [click to continue…]

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The X100T

The rumors are true. Today, Fujifilm is introducing the X100T, its new flagship compact camera. But we’re also getting a silver-graphite edition of the X-T1. The X100T supersedes the X100S as the top-of-the-line compact camera with a host of new features at the same price point of $1299.95 in mid-November 2014.

At its heart though, the X100T is mostly the same camera as the X100s with the exception of a new film mode and built in WiFi being the two new standout features. The camera retains the same 16.3MP APS-C sensor that the X100s has along with the same 23mm f2 pancake lens. Photographers will also be happy to know that there is an interval timer on the camera. Otherwise, know that the camera otherwise sports seven Fn buttons, additional stops on the exposure compensation dial, and the ability to adjust the aperture in 1/3 stops.

The flagship X-T1 interchangeable lens camera comes with a new silver-graphite body, an updated EVF and a higher shutter speed of 1/32000 sec at $1,499.95 in late November 2014. There’s also a black weather-sealed 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 lens that will come bundled with the X-T1 for $1,899.95.

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That right there is the update to Fujiilm’s venerable 56mm f1.2 lens. This new version has APD affixed to the end of it which stands for apodization. Essentially there is an APD filter in front of the lens element, which helps to sharpen what’s in focus and make bokeh richer. This’ll be a boon for portrait photographers providing that they want to pay the extra money for it and not just do all that work in post-production. It will drop in December for $1499.95.

There’s also the new weather-resistant 50-140mm f2.8 R LM OIS WR. The X-Trans APS-C crop factor gives the lens a 35mm-equivalent field-of-view of 76-213mm. Zooming is internal (which helps with the weather sealing), and the lens can work in temperatures as low as 14 F. It also comes with optical image stabilization, which’ll help in shaky conditions, and the 23 elements in 16 groups help to substantially reduce chromatic aberration. The lens will arrive in December 2014 for $1599.95.

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