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Julius Motal

julius motal fujifilm full frame 05

One of the main characteristics in digital photography is that you can shoot more at no extra cost. With film, every frame is money spent, which can inspire more carefully thought-out compositions. If you’re footing the bill, that’s something to keep in mind. DSLRs, on the other hand, lend themselves to a certain laziness–a sort of haphazard shooting that can lead to large crop of bad photos, and when you’re sitting down to edit, you don’t want to trudge through the muck. This isn’t always the case, but it happens.

More importantly, whether you’re at a concert, a party, on assignment or anything else, you’ll want to use the film mentality while taking advantage of digital’s inherent capacity for multitudes. One of the worst feelings is when you realize during the editing session that there’s a shot you need that you didn’t get for whatever reason. It’s happened to me and many others, I’m sure.

Shooting more often entails having several different angles of the same scene. It means that you have more options to work with, some of which could possibly be repurposed for future projects, but it also means that you need to be just as judicious in your editing process. Don’t allow a photo through that doesn’t fit the bill entirely, but don’t delete it. You might be able to use it somewhere else.

Working with more photos can be overwhelming at times, but it’s easier to cut down than having to struggle to find the right one in a smaller batch. Exercise care in shooting means you’ll have an easier time editing because it feels far better to deal with a batch of good photos than a mixed bag.

When you shoot more, you also stand a greater chance of getting the perfect shot. Why settle for anything less?

julius motal lightroom mobile iphone 06

Editor’s Note: You can save images to the camera roll. We were incorrect in stating otherwise. 

The pocketable Lightroom was the next logical step in the expanding Lightroom ecosystem, and it arrives on the heels of the iPad version. Both the iPhone and iPad versions offer, more or less, the same degree of functionality, and in order to use Lightroom Mobile, you’ll need to be plugged into the Creative Cloud subscription universe. Lightroom, on the whole, is ideal for those working with images en masse, as opposed to longer retouching sessions where a program like Photoshop would be the better choice. Lightroom Mobile for iPhone, like its iPad variant, is a scaled down version of the full editing suite.

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julius motal wild child 360 gopro

While it isn’t the first video to make use of 360 GoPros, Wild Child’s “Rillo Talk” is the first music video to make effective, if slightly vertigo-inducing use of it. The way the camera dips in and out of scenes lends itself to the song’s dreamy sound, but if you’re not prepared for it, the video could leave you rubbing your temples a bit.

“Rillo Talk” was filmed over two days with a six-camera rig, and we’re sure the footage needed a good amount of stitching to create a fluid video. The video’s director, Aaron Brown, said that the 360 rig was fitting for the song’s “stoned on the couch day-dreaming in Austin while watching golf on a Sunday afternoon” feel. After watching the video a few times, we feel inclined to agree.

The video’s whimsical in its pace, soothing its sound and moreover, it’s a clever use of this technology. Though we’d warn against it becoming mainstream because the effect will become kitschy and not everything needs it. Imagine if Inception was shot with a 360 GoPro rig.

Head on for the video.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Holdfast camera bag with fur review (9 of 9)ISO 2001-500 sec at f - 2.8

Packing for any trip is a trip in itself. Clothing aside, figuring out how much gear to bring can often be the most challenging because it factors into your carry on. We’re sure you know, but it’s worth mentioning that gear (read: cameras and lenses) is not something you’d want to leave in your checked luggage, and keep in mind that some airlines have downsized carryon limits. So, with your carry on bag, how much gear are you going to pack?

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julius motal vsco artist initiative

VSCO has $1,000,000 in its Artist Initiative, a scholarship fund for artistic projects across platforms. The fund, announced earlier this year,  is ten times higher now than it was when it was announced. This is due in large part to a $40 million investment, according to Fast Company.

While anyone could potentially apply, VSCO urges anyone interested to download VSCO Cam if they haven’t already. People should then upload their work to VSCO Grid, the company’s in-app social network that coexists with Instagram, rather than competes with it. After getting involved with the community, you can then apply for a portion of the pot with a project that is both unique and relevant, and should you win, you’ll have to then document it via VSCO Grid.

Since announcing the Initiative, VSCO’s only given the green light to a handful of projects, despite receiving well over a thousand applications. On the landing page for the Initiative, VSCO lists four requirements:

  1. The project has the potential for positive social and artistic impact.
  2. The project is unique and interesting.
  3. The budget is reasonable.
  4. The applicant displays passion, initiative and creativity.

It’s an admirable effort to foster creativity in a field where funding is often hard to come by, not that VSCO’s scholarship fund is easy to obtain. Yet, if you’ve got a project worth doing, and VSCO’s in line with your vision, then head on over to the page and apply.

julius motal tsa instagram 06

That is a six-bladed throwing star that was found in a carryon bag at the Las Vegas Airport. The only reason we know about it is because of the TSA’s Instagram feed, which is actually just over a year old. The feed provides a steady of stream of fairly outlandish items confiscated from passengers across the US.

The feed isn’t strictly bombs and bullets. There are also of photos of TSA staff and drug-sniffing dogs, but the real gold comes in the form of those confiscated items. Each post comes with a friendly reminder about that item and related items being forbidden in carryon luggage and some advice about traveling safely.

From stuns guns disguised as cigarette cartons to bomb-like alarm clocks, the TSA feed has it all, and it provides startling insight to an organization that is almost always the target of everyone’s anger. The TSA has never really enjoyed great publicity, thanks in no small part to those massive full body scanners to ludicrous pat-downs of old folks and children, but they seem to be making a genuine effort with their Instagram feed.

In an ideal world, of course, this feed wouldn’t exist because there wouldn’t be folks packing katanas and stun guns in their carry on luggage. Moreover, there wouldn’t be any delays, and those large scanners wouldn’t let folks see our private bits. Of course, that world doesn’t exist.

People do try to get these things through, and for those of you with a bit of schadenfreude, the TSA’s Instagram will provide a good deal of awfully mind-boggling entertainment.

Head on for more images from the TSA.

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