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The staff was chatting about Flickr’s new changes that sprung up yesterday. And while most people are happy about the new 1TB of free storage space, others really hate the new look of the most important part of the site: the image displays. To others, many also may want a new look to the communities and discussion forums.

But the ones who have a real reason to be pissed off right now are the pros.

With the new Flickr, users get 1TB of free upload space with each image limited to 200MB each, the ability to upload one 1080p HD video at 1GB large, and more. Then for just under $50 bucks a year, you can go ad free while for just shy of $500 you can get two terabytes of space.

The upgrade screws many old pro users as it basically eliminates it totally. Pros had unlimited storage, unlimited photo uploads, unlimited video uploads, the ability to have their original images downloaded, the ability to replace a photo, and a statistics chart. And now that was all basically just taken out from under their feet.

Some pros may be really angry but overall, the new Flickr could be argued to be a better experience for everyone overall with the new upgrades. And more may probably be coming.

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