Zayn Abunnasr Photographs the Aftermath of the Beirut Explosion

All images by Zayn Abunnasr. Used with permission.

On August 4th, 2020, the city of Beirut was struck with disaster. Lebanon’s capital was left in ruins after a large explosion in the city’s port area. Reports suggest around 180 people died in the explosion, with 6,000 people left injured. The people of the city, now in disarray, took to the streets to display their anger at a government they feel is largely to blame for what happened. On the ground, amongst the key-workers and general public, was photographer Zayn Abunnasr. Although primarily there to help clean up and support his city, he also wanted to ensure he was able to document. We spoke to Abunnasr to learn more about the mood on the ground in a city handling yet another crisis.

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