Zach Arias Shares His Street Photography Secrets in a New X-T1 Video


Well-known photographer Zach Arias recently took to the streets of Marrakech in Morocco to promote the new Fujifilm X-T1.

While showing off its wonderful new features like its wireless capability, and its flip screen as well as the new Fuji lenses in the video, he sneaked in a few very useful tips on street photography, including looking for interesting backgrounds and foregrounds for framing elements, finding a local to let you in on the dos and don’ts, using your camera’s wifi connection, and pretending that you’re taking a photo of something else when taking candid photos of people. He’s even managed to promote the new Instax mini camera while he’s at it.

Make no mistake, this is not your typical promotion or tutorial video. What makes it even more worth watching is it also serves as a travel video, giving us a glimpse of the city, its narrow busy streets, and its colorful locals. Whether you’re looking for street photography tips, trying to see what the X-T1 can do, or just curious about Marrakech, you’re gonna want to watch this video.

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Via PetaPixel
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