Yumna Al-Arashi Shines a Light on Migrant Workers in the UAE

julius motal the phoblographer vsco artist initiative Yumna Al-Arashi 02

All images are copyrighted Yumna Al-Arashi, and are being used with permission.

Access isn’t always a guarantee when it comes to documentary projects. For documentary photographer Yumna Al-Arashi, she had to take a roundabout way to get into the labor camps in the United Arab Emirates where migrant workers toiled away day after day. The stark divide between their plight and the rest of society there had a substantial impact on Al-Arashi, and with her camera, she set out to tell their story. Her project attracted VSCO’s attention, and with a grant from the company’s Artist Initiative, she took her project further by photographing the men in a studio setting in the same way she’d take on a fashion shoot.

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