“You Did Not Eat That” Calls Out Selfies of Good Looking People Eating Unhealthy Food

You Did Not Eat That Instagram blog

In the world of advertising, it is customary to show ridiculously good looking models with your products, in order to convince customers to buy them. This is true for the fashion industry just as it is for the food industry. The latter, however, often advertises for fodd that contains large amounts of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients–and as a matter of fact, most ridiculously good looking models don’t consume such food.

A new Instagram blog called “You Did Not Eat That” calls out images depicting healthy looking people consuming unhealthy looking food–be it advertising images, pictures of fashion bloggers or simply private snaps. The idea for this blog developed, when its curator–who prefers to stay anonymous–witnessed people in the fashion industry posing with unhealthy food, without actually consuming it.

As much fun as it is seeing those who merely pose with fast food, ice cream, chocolate and other things being called out, the habit of the ad and fashion industry to pose healthy models with unhealthy food items is deeply concerning, as it propagates that you can eat anything and still look as good as the people depicted. In the worst case, viewers of these ads might even be led to believe that ice cream, burgers and fries lead to a healthy physique.

You can follow “You Did Not Eat That” via the Instagram app on your mobile device, or via their web-based Instagram feed. After the break, you’ll find some more examples of the pictures the blog regularly shares.

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